Unique Home Concepts Has Been Building New Homes in Grande Prairie Since 2004

When we began building homes in 2004 we set a goal to always be creative in our design and to continue improving the quality of the homes we build and our homeowner experiences.

We wanted to ensure that the name that defined us was one that was filled with integrity.

We wanted to be more than a label but instead a concept that was proudly represented.

We are honored to have a team today that has made this a reality for us.

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We understand what your new home means to you being home owners ourselves. You work hard during the day looking forward to coming home to a stress free space where you can settle in on the couch for a family movie or read your children a bedtime story without the stress of issues around your home. At Unique Home Concepts we pride ourselves on establishing an ongoing relationship with you from day one allowing you to feel confident when working with your service team.

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