Why Unique?

Why Unique?

When we started building homes in 2004 we set a goal to always be creative in our design and to continue improving the quality of the homes we build and our homeowner experiences. We wanted to ensure that the name that defined us was one that was filled with integrity. We wanted to be more than a label, and instead a concept that was proudly represented.

We are honoured to have a team today that has made this a reality for us as Unique Home Concepts. And we have continued our success over the years through a focus on quality and always being a builder you can trust!

As a proud part of our community, we promise to continue our dedication to quality by Building Homes Through Building Relationships.

At Unique Home Concepts we are dedicated to:


We are proud to have been a repeat recipient of the following awards as a result of our commitment to service and a quality home that you can be proud to call your own.

  • Customer Choice Awards
  • Home Builder of the Year Awards
  • Corporate Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Single Family Home Design Awards
  • Award of Honor